The L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund supports medical research into the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of two current priority health areas, which will alternate year-to-year.

Currently these two areas are:

  • Childhood and Adolescent Obesity
  • Asthma


Carty Signature Grants

Each year, one grant will be offered.

Award Amount: up to $300,000

Duration: 3 years


  • The Carty Signature Grant will be offered to Victorian medical research institutions to support pilot concepts and novel research initiatives in one of our two priority focus areas as specified above.
  • Our Carty Signature Grants aim to nurture mid-career researchers and encourage retention of quality researchers in Victoria (see Criteria below).
  • Each grant provides significant funding for a researcher who has already generated some amount of preliminary data, but is required to demonstrate additional, significant progress before they can apply to governmental or other funding agencies.
  • Ideally, our grant will fund a project in an established laboratory that will serve as the basis for the applicant to  build their research team.

What we look for

  • Applications will be considered for research projects in a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, basic science, clinical and public health.
  • The L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund prefers to fund innovative proposals for which there are few alternative sources of funding, and to support the ability of investigators to generate the data needed to receive governmental or other third-party funding after the conclusion of the Carty Signature Grant.


  • Instalments of up to $100,000 per year for a period of three years will be awarded, subject to annual reviews and continuation of research in areas relevant to the purpose of this program.
  • Appropriate expenses include salary support for the investigator and graduate research assistants, equipment, supplies and other research expenses.


  • A mid-career researcher is defined as a person who (1) holds a PhD or equivalent; and (2) graduated from their PhD within the past five to ten years (excluding career interruptions in relation to caring responsibilities).
  • The L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund does not support pre-doctoral fellowships or undergraduate students.
  • Researchers need to have a demonstrated track record e.g. published papers in the field including a statement of impact.
  • Although preliminary data is required for all grants, the L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund considers its grants as “pilot funding”.
  • The applicant research organisation will need to demonstrate that the field of research is a priority area for the institution, that it has a depth of research in that field and is able to support the researcher in their work.